Dear business partners,

The professional oath is the core of my profession, as well as the clients are the core of my professional activities. For me, Attorney-at-law profession is about doing everything that is in your power for the client and putting his interest ahead of anybody else’s, including your own. Full devotion and continued loyalty to the client are the only way to justify the entrusted vocation of an attorney-at-law.

Yours sincerely,

Gorica Lazić, Attorney-at-Law
PhD student in Civil Law,

Team / Licenses

  • Two PhD Law students (Civil and International Law)
  • Two students of Specialized studies in Law (notary - notary public)
  • A Certified Scientific and Technical Translator for the English Language
  • Certificate for Managing Health and Safety
  • Certificate for Representation in the International Legal System
  • Certificate for Performing Quality Control in a Company


  • Belgrade


  • Serbian,
  • English,
  • German,
  • French,
  • Italian,
  • Russian,
  • Slovenian,
  • Croatian and Macedonian
  • ... If needed, we can also provide translations to other languages through our permanent consultants - professional translators.

Lectures / seminar papers and dissertation projects at the Faculty of Law in Belgrade and Vladivostok (Russia) and scientific articles:

  • Constitutional complaint as a remedy
  • Legal protection from the abuse of genetically modified food
  • Certain aspects of civil-law protection in Domestic Law
  • Confucianism and legalism as the dominant law school in China's legal traditions and their impact on the legal systems of the Far East
  • International law - regulating international relations through contracts
  • Extra-legal forms of protection of civil rights and liberties
  • Implementation of HACCP system in business operations of legal entities in Serbia
  • Introduction and Certification of GLOBALGEP Standard in Serbia
  • Secessionism in international law-the example of Kosovo


  • Business Lawyers Association of Serbia - Member of the Managing Board (2000-2004)
  • Bar Association of Serbia (2004)


  • Attorney-at-law (2004)
  • Deputy General Manager, „PUTNIK“ a.d. Belgrade (1982- 2004)
  • Secretary of ATŠ Beograd (1981-1982)

Legal Education

  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law; doctoral studies in the field of civil law (2009-2012)
  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law, Specialist notary – notary public (2011-2012)
  • Bar Exam (1987)
  • University of Belgrade, Faculty of Law (1980)


Viktor Lazić




Our Law Office leads the most challenging projects relating to the real estate and company activities. Our attorneys-at-law are experts in providing advice on investments, restructuring and privatization. Law Office represents clients before all courts and state authorities. We have extensive experience in the field of civil, corporative and labour law.

With  Law Offices, you can always expect direct and practical advice and solutions based on extensive experience and knowledge acquired through generations of hard work and continuous development.